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Seven Limbs

Douglas J. Cuomo
Joe Lovano
The Balourdet Quartet
 " much a meditation as it is a silent dance. Most of all, however, it can be explained by the sound of this labyrinthine world, a sensual, intimate and reflective tone that creates the space for the notes to blossom.”
-- Fifteen Questions
Joint Booking Representation, with IMN
Seven Limbs

Seven Limbs

About the Project

The piece is a ritual in seven movements, based on the Seven Limbs, which is a fundamental Tibetan Buddhist practice of purification. The limbs are: Prostration; Offering; Confession; Rejoicing; Requesting the Turning of the Wheel of Dharma; Beseeching the Buddhas not to pass away; and Dedication.

Seven Limbs is a virtuosic tour de force for tenor saxophone and string quartet, shot through with melodic beauty and rhythmic urgency, celebration and serenity, solemnity and unbridled joy. Juxtaposing Joe’s wildly inventive saxophone playing with the Balourdet Quartet’s classically based and forward thinking musical outlook, Seven Limbs sets these five expert musicians in a landscape that is slightly unfamiliar - where the ground under their feet is always shifting in unexpected ways. The piece creates a world of musical ideas and settings that allow the musicians to explore ideas of meditative tranquility, subtle levels of mind, the battle with inner demons, the circle of karma, and sudden, profound bolts of insight. Lovano’s music will be partially notated but largely improvised, following specific direction and guidelines in the score. Balourdet's music will be entirely notated, utilizing the full range of techniques, colors and effects available to the 21st century string quartet. 

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About the Artists

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