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Dinnerstein Premieres Glass Piano Concerto

Image by Richard Guérin

In the 2017/18 concert season Simone Dinnerstein will be touring a new concerto for piano and strings written for her by Philip Glass. This exciting new work will be performed by a group of co-commissioning orchestras throughout North America and Europe.


September 22, 2017

Jordan Hall

Boston MA

September 23, 2017

Connecticut College

New London CT

September 28, 2017

Miller Theatre

New York NY

Partnering with Dinnerstein to introduce this new composition to the world at the above performances will be the acclaimed chamber orchestra A Far Cry. The concerto will be paired with Bach’s Keyboard Concerto in G Minor, BWV 1058. See schedule of additional performances here.

"The idea for the commission first germinated over breakfast at Philip Glass's garden, where we met one beautiful sunny morning in the fall of 2014. I had been a fan of Glass since my tweens. In fact, his music drama "The Photographer" was the first live event I attended without an adult, when I was twelve. As a result, I have always associated his music with coming of age. I was thrilled and honored when invited to breakfast by Glass and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of his concerto.

There are almost no concertos written for piano and strings since Bach's time. Both Glass and I have a strong interest in Bach and how his music impacts us today. The pairing of the Bach concerto with his own composition will create myriad strands of connectivity enabling the listener to create bridges between the old and new."

Simone Dinnerstein

Anticipation about this concerto has been building for quite some time, as noted in this article by Richard Guerin here.

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Photo credit: Richard Guérin

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