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Douglas J Cuomo: New York Premiere of "Savage Winter"

American Opera Projects and Pittsburgh Opera Music by Douglas J. Cuomo Directed by Jonathan Moore

Part of BAM'S 2018 Next Wave Festival

Performances November 7th - 10th

Holed up in a cheap desert motel room, amid empty pizza boxes and beer cans, a man comes spectacularly unglued. In this fiercely contemporary reimagining of Wilhelm Müller’s poetry cycle Winterreise—most famously set by Schubert— composer Douglas J. Cuomo and director Jonathan Moore transform Müller’s lovelorn winter wanderer into a demon-haunted Everyman. The “radiant, communicative tenor” (Opera News) Tony Boutté assumes the existential mantle, giving a searing, intense performance as a man desperate for atonement, while electric guitar, trumpet, keyboards, and electronics—infused with acid jazz and a punk energy—narrate his delirious fever dream.

Set design by Brandon McNeel

Video design by Joseph Seamans

Lighting design by Cindy Limauro

Touring as full chamber opera and in concert version.

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