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Special Program: Memory Palace

Memory Palace is a solo program with video and lighting effects performed entirely from memory on a mix of traditional, found and built instruments. With music by Christopher Cerrone, David Crowell and Tom Johnson among others. Watch here.

Also offering a series of duo programs with Andy Akiho showcasing the composer's own music, including Hada Iro, Karakurenai, Stop Speaking, Deciduous, 21 and other works. Alternate program option features Ian, Andy and chamber ensemble in works such as to wALk Or ruN in wEst harlem, NO one To kNOW one, Erase and Septet.

And new for 20/21, a collaboration with the Dover Quartet featuring Akiho's virtuosic piece LIgNEouS, for Marimba and string quartet.

"...the most technically astute and artistically intuitive kind of exhibition anyone could hope for from a true virtuoso." - Northwest Reverb (Read full review here.)

Blu Ocean Arts is proud to represent our ground-breaking artists at the upcoming APAP and CMA Conferences. Contact us to arrange a meeting and learn more about these and additional projects.

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