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Latest Commissions

"Revitalizing the world of contemporary music" - Washington Post Offering compelling collaborations and performances that are visually and aurally stunning, such as Christopher Cerrone's Goldbeater's Skin (click here to view).

Latest commissions for 19/20 and 20/21:

Seven Pillars by Andy Akiho, a seven movement work for percussion ensemble - each movement inspired by one of the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune – and one solo for each member of Sandbox. Director and filmmaker Michael McQuilken will create an original video that blends depictions of the Seven Gods of Fortune with live close-up video of Sandbox performing the piece.

"Concerto" for prepared piano by Christopher Cerrone featuring Conor Hanick and inspired by John Cage’s prepared piano works and Cerrone’s ongoing collaboration with Hanick and Sandbox. The concerto will find new ways of hearing the piano by exploring its timbral possibilities and connecting them to the unique sound world of percussion.

Each movement will utilize a different assemblage of items to be placed inside the instrument in different registers to alter its tone; the ‘orchestra’ will consist of four percussionists playing a focused but varied group of instruments that blend, resonate, and contrast with the soloist; the performance itself will include a spatialization of the ensemble, sometimes near the soloist, sometimes placed throughout the performance space, and occasionally joining the piano centerstage.

Blu Ocean Arts is proud to represent our ground-breaking artists at the upcoming APAP and CMA Conferences. Contact us to arrange a meeting and learn more about these and additional projects.

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