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Douglas J Cuomo's 'Sex and the City' #41 in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest TV Theme Tunes of All Time

Excerpted from article in Rolling Stone


‘Sex and the City’ HBO, 1998-2004

The opening credits are most famous for Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu, which Sarah Jessica Parker and costume designer Patricia Field had to fight to include as a sign of all the fashion choices that would follow. But the concept for the song itself — a “Latin, cocktail-themed vibe” — came straight from creator Darren Star. (Composer Douglas Cuomo said he found inspiration for it in the “Space-Age Bachelor Pad” section of the Virgin Megastore.) Though the song has become instantly recognizable, the scene itself seems almost disconnected from the reality of the show; shot in March 1998, a few months before the series premiered, it features Carrie getting splashed by a bus that bears her face — a fitting metaphor for the rest of the series, but with a character whom the star was still figuring out. “If we had shot it a year later, I would’ve understood exactly how she walks,” Parker told Entertainment Weekly. “But that was part of figuring it out that day.” —E.G.P.

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