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Ear To Ear: 10 Classical Music Artists To Watch In 2020

By Kevin Doherty, capradio (excerpt below)

For centuries now, classical music has been in the habit of fusing tradition with innovation. Composers and performers of the 21st century are living up to that legacy. Not only are they embracing the masters of yore that have made classical music the pinnacle of fine art music for the last 400 years, but they are also finding new ways to make the genre more relevant amidst calls for diversity and the dawning of the  digital age 

The following artists have been garnering recognition for the contemporary sound, unique presentation, and fresh image they’ve injected into classical music over the last decade. As we enter the new ‘20s, we believe these are some  of the artists who will be leading the way.

Christopher Cerrone

New York-based composer Christopher Cerrone has had his fair share of accolades in recent years. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2014 for his 70-minute opera “Invisible Cities,” and the recent album“The Pieces That Fall to Earth” featuring three of his vocal song cycles was just nominated for a Grammy in the small ensemble category. Neither won the award but both were lauded by critics. 

Cerrone’s compositional style can be somewhat sparse and metallic yet reverential way, much like the iconic Estonian composer Arvo Part, and when Cerrone does err toward a more lush and full orchestration, the payoff will often give you goosebumps. In addition, there is a certain mystery and gravitas to Cerrone’s music that makes it hard to walk away. He’s a busy guy with several commissions in the works for the year ahead.

Standout Track:

The Pieces That Fall to Earth: 4. Swept Up Whole — Composed by Christopher Cerrone — Performed by Lindsay Kesselman, wildUp & Christopher Rountree


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