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"Exemplary Musicianship". Financial Times reviews new album out now

"The writing impressively cross-fertilises European classical music and jazz. But it is exemplary musicianship, strong personalities and closely attuned minds that make the music come alive."

Excerpt from review by Mike Hobart

Internal Melodies out November 10th on Main Door Music

"This delightful new release, titled Internal Melodies, finds the two musicians pulling the strands together with the warmth and intimacy of an established duet. Both improvise with flair and combine a substantial jazz background with schooled techniques — Zenón was trained in Puerto Rico and Boston, Tepfer in Paris. Most of the compositions are originals, and covers of György Ligeti’s Fanfares and Lennie Tristano’s fiendish “317 East 32nd Street” illustrate the range of influences."

Read Financial Times review in full here

Read press release in full here

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Album Credits:

Miguel Zenon / Dan Tepfer: Internal Melodies

Release date: November 10th 2023 Label: Main Door Music

Track list and composers:

1 Soundsheets (Tepfer / Zenon) 2 A Thing and Its Opposite (Tepfer) 3 La Izquierda Latina Americana (Zenon) 4 Fanfares (Ligeti) 5 Internal Melodies (Tepfer) 6 Centro de Gravedad (Zenon) 7 I Know (Tepfer) 8 La Libertad (Zenon) 9 Frontline (Zenon) 10 Solstice (Tepfer) 11 317 E 32nd St (Tristano) 12 Freedrum (Tepfer / Zenon)

Miguel Zenon, alto saxophone Dan Tepfer, piano

Produced by Dan Tepfer Recorded June 19-20 2018 by Dan Tepfer at Yamaha Artist Services, New York Mixed and mastered by Dan Tepfer Cover by Dan Tepfer and Marta Gawin

Yamaha CFX piano

© 2023 Main Door Music


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