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Album release: "Are You Still Somewhere?"

Four years in the making, "Are You Still Somewhere?" sees Lavinia Meijer combine original compositions with her long stated dream of interpreting modern composers and musicians for the harp.

Works by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ólafur Arnalds, and Alexandra Stréliski all feature, as do collaborations with Dutch pianist Pieter de Graaf and punk legend Iggy Pop. Over the years, Lavinia Meijer experimented with electronic music, jazz, theatrical music, and avant rock. It was these experiments that led her to the ideas behind "Are You Still Somewhere?", and provided inspiration for her own compositions.

“I miss certain elements in the existing repertoire of the harp,” says Meijer, “particularly with regards to bringing the instrument into the new century, making it an instrument of today and tomorrow.”

"Are You Still Somewhere?" is a record that showcases Meijer’s evolution as an artist and composer, and portrays her as one that can also speaks to her past. Defiantly individual, it brings the full scope of her talent as a harpist to the fore, and carves out new possibilities with her instrument; she pushes boundaries further than ever.

“I’ve played with DJs, with pop, rock artists, jazz, and world music; it’s all possible with just one harp,” she says. “I want to show that it’s not just part of ancient history, but it’s contemporary and will keep developing itself. "Are You Still Somewhere?" is my way to prove that.”

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Featured video: Mom & Dad ft. Iggy Pop:

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Robin de Puy


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