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Lorelei Ensemble Announces Album Release & Tour for ‘Beaufort Scales’

Excerpt from article by David Salazar

for OperaWire

Lorelei Ensemble has announced the launch of its new album and a corresponding tour.

Entitled “Beaufort Scales,” the work draws its title from Francis Beaufort’s Wind Force Scale (the measure of wind speed, originally as related to observed sea conditions) created in 1805. The text includes texts by Melville, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Anne Carson, and the King James Bible. At large, the work explores the shifting environment changes.

The 36-minute oratorio received its world premiere in November 2023 and will now be presented in a concert series that opens on March 7, 2024 at The Dome in Yale Schwarzman Center. There will be additional performances on March 20, 22, and 24, at Penn State Behrend, Juniata College, and Syracuse University, respectively. Also on the program are works by Meredith Monk, Molly Herron, Elena Ruehr, Elijah Daniel Smith and Natalia Guerrero.

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Listen to the album click here


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