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Podcast: Eric Nathan's "Missing Words"

The Complete Story on How Ben Schott's Bestselling Book 'Schottenfreude' Inspired Brown University Composer Eric Nathan to Write an 84-Minute Magnum Opus

Click here to listen on Classical Post. There’s a zany book published several years ago by British author and photographer Ben Schott that has “invented words” using the German language. This book — Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition inspired composer Eric Nathan (who teaches at Brown University) to write an 84-minute magnum opus — Missing Words — that now has its world premiere recording. Released on New Focus Recordings, the album and how it came to be is quite out-of-the-box with a synergistic collaboration between many artists and ensembles such as the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, American Brass Quintet, cellist Parry Karp and pianist Christopher Karp, International Contemporary Ensemble, Neave Trio, and Hub New Music.

Both Ben Schott and Eric Nathan join me on the Classical Post podcast to discuss how this project came to be, along with random miscellany that is delivered with witty charm.

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