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Reanimating Cavafy, a Poet of ‘Future Generations’ Whose Time Is Now

In the festival “Archive of Desire,” artists and musicians thoughtfully engage with the writing of Constantine P. Cavafy, a self-assessed “ultramodern poet.”

By Anastasia Tsioulcas.


Paola Prestini, the curator of “Archive of Desire,” has brought together a new set of creators for the festival. They have thoughtfully engaged with his writing, resulting in works — sometimes illuminative and striking, sometimes more perfunctory — that take as their collective point of departure Cavafy’s self-assessment as “an ultramodern poet, a poet of the future generations.”

Read full article on NYT here.

The “ultra-modern” poet Constantine P. Cavafy (1863-1933). “Archive of Desire,” a nine-day festival, engages with his writing through the prism of contemporary artists.Credit...Universal History Archive/Getty Images


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