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Review | San Diego Symphony: Grieg Piano Concerto

Review of Gabriela’s performance of the Grieg Concerto with San Diego Symphony and Ruth Reinhardt at the Rady Shell.

”Venezuelan soloist Gabriela Martinez presided over the piece like a warm, smiling impresario, exchanging pleasantries with conductor Ruth Reinhardt and individual members of the orchestra. Martinez has a knowing, often thunderous technique, and she made the most familiar passages (the opening piano chords, for example) completely hers, and played into this space with a touch and projection that made it sound as if the Shell is her home hall…

This movement is a genuine dialogue between soloist and orchestra, and Martinez’s ability to control the emotional pacing between eruptive episodes of turbulent lyricism was compelling. The dancing rondo finale uses a refrain of character and affect as much as theme — opulent sheets of piano sonority alternated with brilliant and martial tutti declamations under Reinhardt’s baton, as symphony and soloist individualized melodies and ideas with a palpable, gripping sense of their own spontaneous gusto and affection for this music”

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