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Special Project: Voyage Through the Americas

A special collaboration with Michael Brown, piano | Nicholas Canellakis, cello | Orion Weiss, piano | Ian David Rosenbaum, percussion

Voyage Through the Americas celebrates the rich tapestry of musical influences across North and South America, featuring the works of eight iconic composers. Aaron Copland’s El Salón México and George Gershwin’s Cuban Overture were directly inspired by their travels to those countries. Leonard Bernstein was an ardent champion of Latin American composers, including Brazil's Heitor Villa-Lobos and Argentina's Alberto Ginastera. Scott Joplin was the iconic master of ragtime, a genre that infused African American, European classical, and Caribbean influences, while Samuel Barber assembled various American and European dances for his eclectic Souvenirs. Finally, the Argentine-American composer Osvaldo Golijov draws on the music of both his home country and Brazil in Mariel, a poignant tribute to his departed friend.

Featuring unique combinations of piano, cello, and percussion, the program will take listeners on a sizzling journey through both hemispheres.

PROGRAM COPLAND: El Salón México for Solo Piano (arr. Leonard Bernstein) BERNSTEIN: Three Meditations from Mass BARBER: Souvenirs for Piano, Four Hands, Op. 28 GOLIJOV: Mariel for Cello and Marimba VILLA-LOBOS: Divagação for Cello, Piano, and Drum

VILLA-LOBOS: A Maré Encheu from Guia Pratico for Solo Piano – O Polichinelo from Prole do Bebê for Solo Piano GINASTERA: Pampeana No. 2, Rhapsody for Cello and Piano, Op. 21

JOPLIN: Solace: A Mexican Serenade JOPLIN: The Ragtime Dance

GERSHWIN: Cuban Overture for Piano, Four Hands and Percussion


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