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Jerome Begin's "Wilderness" out now on Better Company Records

WILDERNESS is an hour-long, multi-movement work by composer Jerome Begin, who fuses live percussion instruments with electronic manipulations in real time. Jerome’s music employs the forms and processes of classical music, mixing them with electro-acoustic effects. The result, which the album captures, is an innovative textural blend. WILDERNESS is all about variety of timbres.

Originally commissioned and premiered by the Brian Brooks Moving Company in 2016 with original choreography by Brian Brooks, the music calls for four nearly identical setups - 4 roto-toms, a kick drum, a snare drum, 3 crotales, triangles, a glass bottle, and a wood block or cowbell + live electronic processing of the acoustic sounds.

Composed by Jerome Begin

Performed by Sandbox Percussion

Produced by Jerome Begin, Ian Rosenbaum, Jonny Allen, Terry Sweeney, Victor Caccese

Engineered & Mixed by Jerome Begin

Mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions


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