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The Sound of Science

Curated by Jeffrey Zeigler & Graham Reynolds

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The Sound of Science

The Sound of Science

About the Project

Commissioned by Golden Hornet Composer Laboratory

Co-commissioned by Kathleen and Harvey Guion

Curated by Jeffrey Zeigler & Graham Reynolds


Conceived by Graham Reynolds


Golden Hornet’s The Sound of Science, an evening-length concert presenting eight brand-new pieces of music by seven celebrated international composers. Written for amplified cello and electronics, all works are performed by world-renowned cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, long time member of Kronos Quartet, cellist for John Zorn, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and many more.​​

From West African storytelling and collaborations with Herbie Hancock, to radioactive medical procedures and tours with St. Vincent, each composer involved is celebrated for their unfettered originality, yet unique in their creative process and experience. The composers self-selected an array of scientific minds which intrigued them musically, and which represent a range of research that has shaped humanity as a whole.

All eight new works are inspired by and reflective of the scientist’s practice, and in some cases, even incorporate sounds sourced directly from their research. Featuring new works by & based on:

Yuka Honda (Japan/NYC) & Katherine Johnson (Mathematician)

Foday Musa Suso (The Gambia) & George Washington Carver (Botanist)

Felipe Pérez Santiago (Mexico City) & Jill Tarter (Astronomer)

Maja Ratkje (Norway) & Signe Kjelstrup (Chemist)
Sarah Lipstate (LA/Austin) & Marie Curie (Physicist)
Paola Prestini (NYC) & Andrew Kruczkiewicz (Climatologist)

Graham Reynolds (Austin) & Barry Chernoff (Biologist) + Kristen Harris (Neuroscientist)

Co-curated by Zeigler and acclaimed composer-bandleader Graham Reynolds, The Sound of Science brings the two disciplines together in a celebration of their shared culture of inquiry, and invites audiences to explore the importance of - and connections between - different kinds of creation and discovery in the quest for a deeper understanding of the world around us and each other.

Commissioned by Golden Hornet. Co-commissioned by Kathleen & Harvey Guion. Supported in part by New Music USA.

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