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Douglas J. Cuomo’s “Seven Limbs” – ft. Nels Cline and the Aizuri Quartet – out August 27th

June 28th 2021

Composer Douglas J. Cuomo’s Seven Limbs, written for and featuring Nels Cline and the Aizuri Quartet, is out on August 27 on Sunnyside Records. The work is a ritual in seven movements, based on the Seven Limbs – a fundamental Tibetan Buddhist practice of purification. The spiritual grounding of the music is in the tradition of John Coltrane, Arvo Pärt, and John Tavener.

Read release in full here.

Watch excerpt from performance at Moss Arts Center here. Learn more about Douglas J. Cuomo here, or visit: Douglas J. Cuomo Seven Limbs (2020) for electric guitar and string quartet 75'


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